Kalanggaman and Malapascua Island: A Budget Travel Guide

We decided to have fun in a, what I would call, cost-effective way. We had our minds set, thus, we were excited. We woke up early to catch the first trip. We slept in the bus on our way to Maya port, just so we can still have the energy to enjoy the place when we

Hey, don’t judge me!

How is it possible that when people tell us their stories, it is easier for us to tell them what to do? But when we were faced with exactly the same situation, we are dumb-founded? How is it possible that we think there were more couples around when you were single than when you were

Lakawon Island Resort and TawHai Floating Bar

Lakawon Island Resort is, for sure, the next big thing! With their one of a kind facilities, native vibe that you’d probably think you’re living in a rural place in the 80’s, the kind and obliging resort staff members with all those smiles of their faces and yes, the first ever floating bar in Asia,

Is this The Maldives of the Philippines?

It was the first time for most of us. We’ve been living in this locality for over 20 years and yet we weren’t able to experience Bais City dolphin watching and Manjuyod white sand bar sooner than the people who lived from another country or city. We weren’t that fortunate, but we were still blessed to