Apo Island: Meeting Crush’s Offspring

Every place is special, not only because of the people you’re with but also of the memories you created together in it.
First of all, I want to tell everyone that I am now a 25-year old adult. The odds were in my favor on my birthday. The sun and the moon may have conspired to render a low-tide on that day but that day alone, no matter the circumstances, was a great blessing. And if that was not enough, sunburn and near-death experience was a plus.
The Trip
It was yet another slow-paced, sunny day and the clock was extra sluggish at around 6am. We got up and prepared our things, the gadgets, checked twice and went out to start the day. We went to McDonald’s to grab a quick breakfast and coffee. But we weren’t able to eat it along the way because we were too shy to be eating on our own. Anyway, after McDonald’s, we went directly to Harolds Dive Center to sign up for an all-in Apo Island snorkeling trip. After filling up the form, we looked for available snorkeling gears. Of course, we were assisted by the staff, so we were able to find the gears that fit best in no time. They were very friendly and accommodating. Five thumbs up, mga Kuya!😉 Ready to snorkel! But ‘Wait’, says one of the staff. ‘Carry your gears!’ Hahaha, of course, how could we even forget? 😂
Wanna see how our trip went? Watch this:

The Island


We had a short ride to Dauin where the boat to Apo Island was docked. When we got there, we still waited for more guests to arrive. So everyone kept themselves busy, and my kind of busy is sleeping.😌
When we arrived, I was really excited to dive in. I pictured myself looking at the ocean with sparkling eyes! Twinkle~ twinkle~ little eyes.😂 After a few minutes of going here and there to find the best spot for the boat, the signal was fired! I wish we all jumped in to the water together, it would have been a great sight! But, nah! We were too shy to even say ‘Hi’ to the other guests. 😁


Okay, so much for that. The island, alright, let’s talk about the island. From afar, we can see people in the island doing their business. And it makes me wonder what it would be like living in such an rural place. On second thought, I wondered what it would be like living in such a majestic place. I mean, what a simple life to just choose between going to the watch tower, or go swimming with the sea turtles during wee times. If I will be given a chance, I’d like to try living there for a week and experience the dilemma myself. YES, please!


As we were looking for the sea turtles, I was captivated by the underwater view with all the colorful fishes and corals. Gosh, it’s the best view I’ve seen in my entire snorkeling experience. Hahaha! Until, I saw this familiar figure of black and white stripes.😰
Alert! It’s a sea-snake with its head as big as the iPhone 6 Plus. Panic! Panic! Yeah, maybe the size of the head is a bit exaggerated, but that’s how I saw it… because I was panicking! LOL My friend was even screaming with her snorkel on!😂 Of course, we moved on and tried our very best to go against the direction where the sea snake was heading.
The Encounter



And then, we saw one sea turtle! OMG! My first encounter with Crush’s offspring! I wish I could also do that “Fin, Noggin’, Dude~!” with it. But no, we were specifically instructed to never ever touch anything. Ever! So, just photos and some swimming sessions… where I almost drowned… on my birthday! What a lovely way to spend your birthday, right?😂



After that trip, we were seriously beat that even smiling was a tiring thing to do. But all in all, the trip was splendid and special, of course. We are planning to go back there to visit the Watch Tower.🙌🏻~ Excited!
While everyone would say that age is just a number, I would totally disagree. That figure matters the whole world to me because it is a reminder that I am never getting younger. Everyday may be a struggle, but in the end, when we realize that there are greater things that are left undiscovered, then every struggle is just a smoke that will disappear soon. Those struggles are nothing compared to the actual struggle of getting your head out of the water to get some air. Dude~, I almost drowned! For real! 😅
6am – Hotel to McDonalds –> PHP 8
6:30am – McDonalds to Harold’s Mansion –> PHP 8
6:45am – Registration of trip –> PHP 1200 (Snorkeling)
8am – Harold’s Mansion to Dauin – Free
8:30am – Apo Island Tour
11:30am – Lunch
2:30pm – Back to Dauin
3pm – Dauin to Harold’s Mansion
3:30pm – Returning of gears at Harold’s Mansion
3:40pm – Back to Hotel –> PHP8
Total expenses: PHP1,224
🔹 The expenses mentioned above are what we should have paid if we went there on our own accord.
🔹 And no, they are not estimated prices.
🔹 There were 3 spots that we went to for snorkeling and diving. Price varies with the number of spots for diving. But PHP1200, that’s unlimited snorkeling for you! 😄
🔹Inclusions of the package: lunch, snack and transportation (Harolds Mansion to Apo Island and back).
🔹 There are locals selling food on the island and you can actually swim to the island and buy. Or you can kindly ask your guides. They’re very polite and helpful. 👌🏻
Important Note:
When we got to Harolds Mansion, which is already 6AM- ish, there were already a lot of people registering for a trip. So, I suggest that you get there earlier, like 6AM on the dot.


Check out these photos from our adventure in Apo Island, Dauin:

























Hey, Babes! How did you find this article? Was it helpful? For comments and suggestions on where I should take an adventure next, or whatever, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate every bit of it.
And yes, I do take adventures with me… And shenanigans… And exaggeration.😄
Check out Harolds Dive Center if you want to take a Hassle free trip to Apo Island with all-in expenses – from snorkeling/diving gears to lunch and snack! Yes, as well as the transportation from the center to Dauin, to Apo island, back to Dauin, then to the center. Yes, including the snorkeling/diving guides. No, airfare is not included.😛
Don’t forget to smile. It makes every worries unnecessary. ☺💕😘
Grateful, from the bottom of my heart:
I would like to express my deepest thanks to the following people and family who made this experience possible for a mermaid like me:
• Province of Negros Oriental Tourism Office – for this chance of a lifetime, hoping it’s not the last.
• NOCCI, especially, Sir Edward Du and Sir John Jalandoni – always believing in me and patiently waiting for my articles to get published.
• GB Lutz Aguilar – for the sweet support and encouraging remarks. And oh, for reminding me to post my articles.
• Harolds Dive Center Staff– for being friendly and for giving us helpful tips on getting a diving license;
• My friends who cheered for me and never failed to encourage me when I feel like giving up and losing hope;
• Most importantly, the Lord God Almighty – for the never-failing love, and sending blessings, provisions and even heavy rains to help me grow.

  • Rose Clearfield

    Your photos are stunning! I would love to visit someday.

  • Aw! Thank you. ☺️ You should! I bet you’ll love it here.

  • Isaias Salinas

    Such a picturesque scenes of your adventure. Thumbs up to you!. I went to Dumaguete last year but was not able to visit Apo island. 🙁