Bugana Beach and Dive Resort: Growing and SkyRocketing

Somewhere in the deepest part of Sipalay, lies an enchanted abode that is surrounded with a plethora of natural treasures. Thus, the name Bugana came about which is a Hiligaynon term meaning “abundance”. Bugana is abundant (Redundant, I know!) in a lot of things like source of water (that’s freshwater and salt water), sunlight, fresh air, and, of course, eye candy!


“It’s not worth getting if it’s gotten too easily.” My friend and I always quoted this whenever we got to a point of surrendering. She was sleep-deprived because she worried too much, and I was stressed from her worrying too much. But of course, when you reach such beautiful destination, “worry” suddenly disappears from your vocabulary. And all you ever want to do is “indulge” yourself with good vibes and bliss.


Hmmm, how do I describe the place? Have you ever had one of those days when you were having a great time with friends, and you just felt safe and assured that nothing would go wrong… then the next thing you knew, you were just dreaming? It was exactly like that, if you ever had those dreams. The place is a safe haven where you don’t need to worry about anything. All you need to do is let out your inner quirkiness and enjoy. From sunrise to sunset, the place is picture-perfect. Even at night, the resort gives off a playful aura with its color-changing pool.




Nothing beats an early morning walk by the beach🔅



OMW to the villa🍃


Since life is sweet here, we got to be here naturally!🎶







🔺 Swimming

🔺 Snorkeling

 – Boat rental for snorkeling or site seeing First Hour is 700 PHP additional hours is 600 PHP.

 – Snorkel gear 250 PHP

 – Snorkeling at the Sanctuary 50 PHP/Head

🔺 Paddle Boarding

– First hour is 200 PHP and additional hour is 150 PHP

🔺 Kayaking

 – Transparent Kayaks First hour is 400 php and additional hour is 350 PHP

🔺 Trekking

🔺 Island Hopping

🔺 Diving

 – 1 dive Tank / lead / Guide 1400 PHP 

 – 10 dives 13000 PHP 

 – 20 dives  25000 PHP

 – Rental equipment 1000/day

 – Discover scuba diving (Try dive) 3500 PHP

 – Open water diver course (4 days) 19500 PHP


And, Oh! They also have a jacuzzi for those who loves a warm dip at night👍🏻


Rooms and Villas: 

♦ Room No. 1-3 👉🏻  2400 PHP good for 2 pax/night (add. Person 400.- maximum of 3 pax per room) 

♦ Room No. 4 👉🏻  2600 PHP good for 2 pax/night (add. Person 400.- maximum of 3 pax per room)

  Room with: A/C – ceiling fan – TV –safety deposit box.

♦ Villa 👉🏻  3800 PHP good for 2 pax /night (add. Person 400.- maximum of 4 pax per room)

 Villa with: A/C – ceiling fan – TV –safety deposit box, private dipping pool and mini bar.

Please Note: They strictly don’t allow to exceed the maximum allowed person in rooms ( 3 pax ) villa ( 4 pax ). Extra mattress/person 400pesos. Children from 5 years old and above count as an extra person. Free of pool and Jacuzzi usage.




From Dumaguete

From Dumaguete Ceres Terminal, ride a bus to Bacolod via Mabinay. From Kabankalan Ceres Terminal, there will be trips going to Hinobaan which stops over at Sipalay. You can ride a tricycle or habal-habal to Bugana.

♦ Bais City to Kabankalan – PHP 125 | 2hrs | Ceres Bus AC

♦ Kabankalan to Sipalay – PHP 124 | 2hrs | Ceres Bus AC

♦ Sipalay Stopover to Bugana – PHP 100 – PHP 150 | 20mins | Habal-Habal for 2 pax

From Bacolod

From Bacolod Ceres Terminal, get on a bus bound for Hinobaan and drop off at Sipalay. It’s a 5-hour bus ride😉

You can haggle the transportation fee to Bugana and back to the city. Here’s a tip: when they don’t agree with your terms, walking out works ALL THE TIME (it did for me). But be sure to be reasonable with your price, though. Else, no one will ever take you there.😬

From Sipalay, there are a lot of tricycles and habal-habal drivers waiting for passengers. You also can contact  Kuya Boyet – 09128863556. He’s our tricycle driver that time. Slash photographer and tour guide 😎





Bugana serves meals from breakfast to dinner. Each meals costs around 180-400 PHP which were worth the price. Their menu contains oriental with a hint of French cuisine. And, boy, is it good! The aroma will surely entice you and the umami (oh! Mummy!😁) will make you want to gulp everything (maybe, except the plates, utensils and table mat). The price is absolutely worth every bite.

Here’s their menu:

bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana bugana

On a budget? Want to eat somewhere else? You will need to ride a habal-habal to your preferred place. Bugana Beach is quite a secluded resort. You can also bring food to the resort but you will have to pay for the corkage of PHP 500.

Getting there might be a bit exhausting. The entire trip challenged my patience and guts. Patience towards my “disturbed” friend😅, the travel, and the uncomfortable ride. Guts to be burnt while traveling, to haggle and to walk out several times😂. But the destination is all worth the trouble for. Check out these facts that we gathered during our trip:

  • Bugana Beach Resort was established last October 1, 2015

  • Bugana means “abundant”. The place is a great source of everything, even happiness! 😉

  • They originally have 7 rooms and 3 villas.

  • They recently expanded and added 5 more rooms. Thumbs up

  • For visitors, you would need to pay PHP150 for entrance fee.

  • They prioritize their guests for pool usage.


• Guest – person who checked in at the resort;

• The management welcome groups who wish to dine at the resort. However, due to limited space, visitors won’t always be allowed to use the pool especially if there are many guests.

• Visitors can still take pictures while at the resort.

• Restaurant and bar offers a wide selection of menu. Kitchen/restaurant opens at 7AM and take orders until 8:30PM only.

• Check in Time: 2pm || Check out Time: 12pm.

• Bringing of pets is not allowed.

• Swimming in the main pool and Jacuzzi without proper swimwear is not tolerated, T-shirt / jeans and other street wear clothing strictly not allowed, Rush guard are allowed.

• All prices are subject to change without notice.

• Make a reservation before going there because they are always fully booked.

Here are the contact numbers and email:
Landline: (+63) 34 7130062 / (+63) 34 7028632
Mobile: (+63) 917 7977671 / (+63) 917 5198265
Email Us: buganaresorts@gmail.com


So, don’t you wanna go and see it for yourself?

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