Buglasan Festival 2016: Uncovering Unity and Passion Behind The Sweaty Yet Smiling Faces

As the sun rose up to start yet another day, a cloud slowly gathered near Dumaguete. However, they weren’t there to rain on the Buglasan Festival celebration, but to join in with the joys of the people. ­­­­­­­­ Dumaguete City was yet again filled with colors and bright smiles last Friday. The Macias Sports Complex

Buglasan Festival 2016: The Merry Negrenses

Buglasan Festival: A Festival to Unite Theme: Boosting the Economy through United Citizenry  A Festival of Festivals: from Pasayaw Festival of Canlaon, to Inagta Festival of Siaton. All the cities and municipalities of Negros Oriental gathered in Dumaguete City to witness the festivities, crafts, and to taste the different delicacies and specialties from each locality.