Loreland Farm Resort: A Mesmerizing Panorama

Now, let’s check out some great places way East from Manila. Antipolo! It is known to be the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines, where Catholic Christian frequents to pray to  Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Other than that, Antipolo is the capital city of Rizal Province and is classified as a First Class city. Along with that classification of component cities in Region IV are Batangas, Lipa, Calamba, San Pablo, and Santa Rosa. If you haven’t noticed, most of the cities that I mentioned are known to be best for recreational activities. Team building and company outing are always held either in Batangas, Antipolo, or San Pablo. So let me take you on a journey proving that being a First Class component city is not just a title to brag about. But I won’t be talking about the entirety of Antipolo, yet. Slow down, we will surely get there. Someday, somehow! 😂
Loreland Farm Resort
Take a 2-hour ride from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila and you’ll get to this secluded yet magnificent resort. If your favorite color is green, then you’ll surely love this place. My favorite color is yellow, though, and I still loved it. If a movie has 50 Shades of Grey, this place has 50 shades of green.🙋🏼 It’s the perfect place to de-stress and just hang out with Mother Earth like your best buddies. It’s peaceful, the air is fresh and you can go and unleash your senti moments here. It’s also perfect for pictorials (not that it’s that important to everyone).
They have around 13 pools around the entire resort. The lush landscape with the cool and clear water of the pools made everything picturesque. The resort is so big that you can get lost on your first visit (if you have no sense of direction, like myself💀). But, there are directional signs and staffs stationed all over the resort, so no need to worry about getting lost. Getting lost is not always a bad thing, too. 😊
At night, you can enjoy the city lights view from the resort while taking a sip of your favorite refreshment. You can also see Luljetta’s Hanging Garden from there.
The Food
Pesto Pasta is my comfort food as well as my fave. Luckily, Verde, a restaurant within Loreland, serves the “pinakamasarap” pesto pasta that I have ever had in my entire life. I could live here and eat this mouth watering dish three times a day. I know, it’s a bit exaggerated, but I can certainly guarantee that it is the best one yet.😋 
Check out these photos of their menu that I took.
The Staff
Of course, the personnel of a resort are as significant as the venue itself. It is their efforts that makes the venue a great place to stay for their guests. The staffs of Loreland are very diligent and accommodating. They are also polite and are very much approachable. They allowed me to check in early, and I mean, 3 hours early! 🙌🏻 
The Accommodation
Free coffee/tea and water! The only downside is that the room was quite small for the price. Other than that, the amenities, service, food are nice. The distance between amenities is also convenient.
Based on my observation, you can get a cheaper price for the accommodation if you book through agoda.com or booking.com. And if you want to save, go to Shopback.com then, click on agoda, booking.com or other merchants you wish to buy products/services with. You can get more or less 5% rebate of the total price if you do that. 😉
We got the room for PHP 2,529.00/night plus 8% rebate since we booked it from Shopback. Savings Ganern!
The chapel in Loreland Farm Resort. Thank you! 🙏🏻
8:00 AM – Ayala to Tulay (bus) – PHP 12
8:30 AM – Tulay to Antipolo Church (FX) – PHP 50.00
9:30 AM – Photo op of Antipolo church
10:30 AM – Early lunch somewhere near the church
11:00 AM – Antipolo Church to Loreland (tricycle) – PHP 50
11:30 AM – Arrival @ Loreland Farm Resort
Noon time – beauty rest for Mermaids like me.😂
1:00 PM – Tour around the resort slash photo shoot
2:00 PM – Swimming!😍
5:00 PM – Back to reality. Work Online!😞
7:00 PM – Dinner at Verde
8:30 PM – Went to Luljetta’s Hanging Garden to watch the city lights! Amazing
9:30 PM – Went back to my room. Lights off!
*Next day*
5:30 AM – Morning coffee, the best!
6:00 AM – Morning walks, next to best!
6:30 AM – Swimming slash photo shoot, again! Hahaha
9:30 AM – Back to room, work, again~
11:00 AM – All packed up and ready to check out.
11:30 am – Check out.
11:45 am – Brunch at Verde, my new favorite next to morning coffee.😛
1:30 PM – Tricycle Ride from Loreland to UV terminal – PHP 60
2:00 pm – UV Terminal to Ayala – PHP 50
3:00 pm – Arrival at Ayala
🔶 Loreland Farm Resort Rates 🔶
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
– If you’re new to a place, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the authorities how much a ride would cost. They would be honest to tell you anything you ask.
– If you want to get a massage, book ahead of time. As in, the moment you arrive at the resort, book a schedule immediately because they only have a few Masseuse.
– Stack sole cash because there are no ATM machines near Loreland.
– If you’re planning on staying overnight, you don’t need to buy or bring water. There are water dispensers beside your rooms so you just need a big container. Stay hydrated! *wink
– They have a playground where you can work out. More like a workout park. Make sure to try it. It’s so cool and fun!
For more photos, check out this link  👉🏻 Loreland Farm Resort in Photos
Have you seen the smaller version of Loreland? Oh, I can sense that you’re a bit intrigued. If so, click here to find out. 
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