Is this The Maldives of the Philippines?

It was the first time for most of us. We’ve been living in this locality for over 20 years and yet we weren’t able to experience Bais City dolphin watching and Manjuyod white sand bar sooner than the people who lived from another country or city. We weren’t that fortunate, but we were still blessed to

Malapascua Island in Pictures

There are so many things you can do in Malapascua Island such as beach bumming, snorkeling, island hopping, cliff jumping, diving and biking. Let me show you Malapascua Island in pictures. 😉 The view when you go island hopping.. Our cute tour guide’s brother 😀 The other side of the island where locals live.. The

When you meet the one

Ever watched a love flick or sweet flick movie not ever feeling all choked up? Or feeling like a princess who’s gonna some day have her happily ever after with her prince? And every time I watched those lovestruck movies I would feel all mushy and choked up with emotion, that it would take me

She’s Hiding Something

She does not talk to you. She does not tell you her troubles. She doesn’t feel like sharing what her day was like. Sometimes you’d think that maybe it’s that time of the month again. Sometimes you’d think, “There she goes again…” as if she’s having episodes. You let out a big sigh and a

El Nido Palawan: “I’m Amazed” Is an Understatement

I’m spellbound! It’s like when we got there, I was in a trance. Am I so high? How am I seeing these beautiful things? I may have done something right! Well, you might say I’m overreacting. Or that I am exaggerating. Maybe! But, very known fact, this place is exaggerated! True story! When I got