Guihulngan City: The Remote Trove

Yesterday, I took on another adventure. Yes, this time it’s Guihulngan. It is a remote city from the main cities of Negros Island. From Bacolod or Dumaguete, the travel time is around 3.5 hours. If that’s not enough to conclude that it’s a remote area, then imagine taking another half an hour to get to

How F**k Up Destiny Is

If it is meant to be, we’ll meet again. But that’s just it.   There are people who are meant to meet. There are people who are meant to meet again. In the same place where they first met, with just a pure chance or stroke of luck. Even the sun and moon meet sometimes.

When Should You Stop Trying?

Why do you keep trying? To be better than everyone? To prove people wrong, that you can do better than what they think? To achieve a goal that nobody has ever done and maybe have your name listed on Guinness? I am also a human-being, entitled to feel those different emotions that you feel; struggle

Hey, don’t judge me!

How is it possible that when people tell us their stories, it is easier for us to tell them what to do? But when we were faced with exactly the same situation, we are dumb-founded? How is it possible that we think there were more couples around when you were single than when you were

When you meet the one

Ever watched a love flick or sweet flick movie not ever feeling all choked up? Or feeling like a princess who’s gonna some day have her happily ever after with her prince? And every time I watched those lovestruck movies I would feel all mushy and choked up with emotion, that it would take me