Perth Paradise in Photos

Bugana Beach and Dive Resort in Photos

👣 Bugana is not that huge and it is located very far from the city proper of Sipalay. But, it is indeed a very beautiful resort, and I don’t take “beautiful” lightly. Add “very” to that, then it should look like this👇🏻

Lakawon Island Resort: A walk to remember

If your are one of those people who works so hard to earn money, then you might just want to read on. It’s never easy, I know. I am going through the same hardships, but that’s just the way it is. There’s no easy life, even the rich man has to work hard. But there

Lakawon Island Resort and TawHai Floating Bar

Lakawon Island Resort is, for sure, the next big thing! With their one of a kind facilities, native vibe that you’d probably think you’re living in a rural place in the 80’s, the kind and obliging resort staff members with all those smiles on their faces and yes, the biggest floating bar in Asia, the TawHai Floating