Guihulngan City: The Remote Trove

Yesterday, I took on another adventure. Yes, this time it’s Guihulngan. It is a remote city from the main cities of Negros Island. From Bacolod or Dumaguete, the travel time is around 3.5 hours. If that’s not enough to conclude that it’s a remote area, then imagine taking another half an hour to get to

Forest Camp: Au Naturel

A beautiful place without people is just a place. Nobody could appreciate its beauty other than the animals dwelling in it. Well, in Forest Camp, that is not the case. This forest-inspired haven is always jam-packed – be it with people, with fun activities, or both. There must be something in the water, the food,

Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park: Your Adventure Starts Here

Let us travel northwest of Dumaguete City and jump into a new adventure. Indeed! There’s no other place in Negros Oriental where you’d want to start your adventure. There might be other more intense activities, but starting point should always be the easy ones. From land to air, even the water is exciting. Of course,

Buglasan Festival 2016: Uncovering Unity and Passion Behind The Sweaty Yet Smiling Faces

As the sun rose up to start yet another day, a cloud slowly gathered near Dumaguete. However, they weren’t there to rain on the Buglasan Festival celebration, but to join in with the joys of the people. ­­­­­­­­ Dumaguete City was yet again filled with colors and bright smiles last Friday. The Macias Sports Complex

Florentina Homes: Living with a Worldwide Twist

“Home is where your heart is” I think I dropped my heart somewhere in Florentina Homes. Here’s a Room Tour of our home for 2 nights, Asturias Apartelle ❤️ A recreation area (the pool), houses (apartelles and hotel), a restaurant (Gabby’s Bistro) – all these carefully arranged in one compound. ‘Florentina Homes’ is just like